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Styles, Sizing and Colors

pink jacket front view p3pieced jacket front 3pieced jacket back



silver blue jacket on mannikenpinl jacket side view 3


Black & Whites

Black Brights

White Naturals

White Black Browns

Electric Blues



Hot Pinks








in assorted coordinated Colors


Short Bomber jacket with mandarin collar and cuffed sleeves.

Text Box: Shawl collared cardigan, front and back

In building this new website, we are in the process of photographing the new work. Over the next few weeks, we will be updating and adding to the styles displayed.

              Our Styles include:


          Jackets and Cardigans

              long and short

             T*tops and Tunic Tops

Vests in both cotton and polar fleece

       Handwoven cotton scarves

           Polar fleece scarves

          with handwoven pockets

         Hats lined with polar fleece


            Small pocketbooks


Jesamie clothing is sized for petites to plus figures. Custom sizing is one of our strong points. I measure you, see how a piece fits and then write the order to be perfect fit for you. Over the years, I have learned to pattern grade and  have found that it is a challenge and a pleasure to fit long or short arms, or add a bit more or make it a bit less in the hips.

A number of years ago, we decided to call our sizes: baby bear, momma bear and poppa bear. We have added “tiny baby bear” and “moma bear plus” to the range. This evolved because of clients’ perceptions of small, medium and large.

When we mention the sizing, we find people laugh and then we have fun seeing which “bear” size works for them.

black and white v sweater back viewblack bright cardigan front viewhot pink v sweater front viewblack and white dressblack bright cardigan back viewText Box: Handwoven dress with knitted long cuffs and neck

Sweaters: Vertical patterning on one shoulder; knit cuffs, bottom rib. Collar height can vary from crew neck to turtleneck

red polar fleece vestpeacock t top

Left: T-top, to be worn over a shirt in the winter or in summer, by itself.

Right: Polar fleece vest with handwoven collar and facings.

capelet front viewcapelet draped

Capelet, a shawl–like wrap that sits on the shoulders, with pockets in the center front.


Handwoven cotton hats, lined with polar fleece

White tonals    Left to right:: Capelet   Tunic top  Shawl collared Cardigan     Capelet

Forest tonals  Left to right: Tunic Top,  Mandarin Collar Dolman Jacket,  Shawl collared Cardigan

                                                              And a Capelet



Bright tonals   Left to right: Vest ,  Tunic Top,    Tunic Top ,   Capelet

                 2019 Price List

Capelet    $128

T top        $128

Tunic top  $158

Sweater    $185-190

Vests        $140-$150

Shawl Collared Cardigans     $240

Mandarin Collared Dusters    $240

Bomber Jackets                     $240

Dress                                     $240

Hats          $45

Swraps      $60-$80

Scarves     $60-$70


Special Orders: Payment made at time of order. Held and then deposited at time of shipping.

All types of charges are accepted.

Shipping: Priority Mail with tracking

No Refunds

Credit Exchange Only  

All alterations

are handled by the studio