Text Box: Pam, sitting at one of the looms,

Artist’s Statement

I have  been weaving for more than 35 years, and have marketed my clothing line at juried art shows for over 30 years.

Working in a rehabbed warehouse studio in mid-south central Pennsylvania, surrounded by yarns, seven looms, a number of sewing machines and several studio cats, I find each day to be a delight and a challenge.

Yarn has always “talked” to me. Weave patterns and colors happen, very much like jazz music happens.

My clothes are practical, have pockets, travel well, dress up and dress down and are machine washable.

I found this quote several years ago, while reading an article in the Washington Post about Hiroshima Kazuo, the master Japanese basketweaver.


“The handmade object forms a link between the hearts of the person who made it and the person who uses it.”      

  Hiroshima Kazuo, Japanese basketmaker


Kazuo’s words resonated with my thoughts about creating clothing:  wearable, comfortable, practical and beautiful clothing that my clients could enjoy day in and day out.


pam at loomcindy winding bobbins

Cindy winding bobbins for the shuttles.

studio pic overview